Sale of PVRpilot Software for
Siemens Gigaset M750 S


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If you register for PVRpilot, you receive:

A licence version, which is bound to your receiver
Technical support for one year.
You can contact the technical support using the following e-Mail-adress:
Please state your MAC-Address, if you contact our support.

Free updates for your PVRpilot "satellite" version
Information about program improvements, if desired

Please keep me well informed about improvements.

You can see the MAC address and Control number on your Gigaset.
Press “menu” on the remote control. Using the menu “Settings” you reach the menu “Status”. Afterwards you press “OK” and on the right side you can see your MAC-Address and your control number.

Important note!
Your personal data will be saved only for our licence administration.
If you want to be informed about improvements, please mark it.

The e-mail-address has to be a valid mail address and belong to you, because we will send your remote program data to this address.

Your data will not be distributed to any third party.

System requirements

Operating system:
Windows 2000tm
Windows XPtm
Windows 98tm
50 Hardware prerequisites:
1GHz processor
- 256 MB storage
- 100 Mbit network card
(WLan can be recommended only conditionally)
40 MB hard disc space

IMPORTANT!!!: PVRpilot works only connected to
Gigaset M750 S.

Internet programming / telecommand:
- Internet access with Flatrate access and internet routers
- statistic IP-Address or a dynamic IP-Address which has to be set up on your router

Trial version of the PVRpilot Software

with restricted function for Siemens Gigaset M750 S
- contains the DVD-archiving function. PVRpilot creates an ISO-Image.

download here soon