PVRpilot is a program to control set-top-box systems. Using PVRpilot, your set-top-box will become a video streaming server in your local network.

The software allows an easy and comfortable access to all set-top-box functions from every PC in your home network.

WEB Programming

Remote programming via Internet or from the the home-network

Presentation of all EPG data

Planning of recordings


EPG and SI data is shown for six broadcast channels per page

The currently active programs are highlighted

Recordings (single and series recordings) can be planned easy and fast

Display of detailed program description (long EPG) using pictures and genre information (only possible using managed EPG provided by TV-digital)


Streaming of live TV and your own recordings from the set-top-box to the PC

DVD archiving

PVRpilot produces an ISO-Image of the selected recording


All settings of the set-top-box can be handled from the PC

- Parental control
- Configuration of recording options
- Network connections
Configuration via PC
- Storage of individual profiles
- Loading new program and favourite lists
- ...

Timer administration

Administration of timer entries

Administration of the EPG series and timer series

Handling of recordings

Handling of recordings (rename, delete)

Archiving of recordings on DVD

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LiveTV and streaming via PC


(Elctronic Program Guide)

Reception per stream at the PC